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The App cab is the demand of the time, and it has started replacing the traditional taxi services. We are the most coveted taxi booking app development company. Our company has earned a reputation for delivering customized solutions as per our clients' specific needs and choices. As the leading taxi booking app development company Mumbai, we design and develop the most engaging applications that benefit our clients and the end-users alike.

Taxi Booking App Development

Features Of Our E-Learning App

Sign up/LoginGive the customers an easy ride into the app by a simple signup process and social media login. Just a tap, and they are all set.

Book rides Bestow your customers the convenience of booking rides for themselves or their loved ones easily. To worry about the details of the ride is a foregone story as the app automatically does that for them.

Schedule ridesEspecially integrated into the app for busy bees! It lets the customers book their ride either at an instant or later. Who would have thought that taxi booking can be this smooth!

Auto-locationStuck in a desolate place or a nameless town, the customers don’t have to know about the location to book a ride. With the in-app GPS function, they can locate and also track their rides accurately.

Ride historyThrough this feature, they can get to know about all the rides they have completed so far, with every detail about it like pickup, destination, price, time taken etc.

Fare estimateThe sweetener of an on-demand taxi booking service. Let your customer know about the fare instantly, followed by their entering of pickup location and destination and select a ride that sticks to their budget.

SOS AlertIn case the customer is stuck in some unfortunate situation, there is no need for them to search through the contacts. Just tap on the SOS alert button, and there will be help before they know it!

In-app walletWhen we said that our solution is comprehensive, here is one of the reasons. Our Uber like app comes with an in-app wallet to let customers pay for their rides conveniently without hunting for cash or cards always.

NotificationsBar none, every detail of the ride status will be shared with the customer through push notifications.

ReviewsBusinesses are born and developed from feedback, and there’s no one who knows about it better than us. So here’s a feature that lets customers rate the ride, through which you could improve your service.

Live navigation Nothing can stop the driver from earning when they have an Uber Clone. Even if the driver doesn’t have knowledge about the customer’s location, the app’s live navigation feature will help them to reach their destination and start the journey.

Earnings reportProgress is more important than perfection. Our Uber Clone lets drivers know how well they have been progressing in their work by providing a complete report on their earnings.

Ride historyBy this feature, the drivers can keep tabs on both their past rides, their fare details and upcoming rides all at a spot.

Online/offline modeDrivers could indicate their availability to take rides by just switching this mode. In case they need a break, they can switch it off again to go offline.

Instant requestOur Uber Clone is capable of offering benefits and opportunities to millions. True to that, the drivers can get instantly engaged and earn a few bucks by switching to online mode.

In-app notificationsInstant is what we call our solution’s functionality, and it is not for no reason. Every new ride request from the customer, the ride’s completion time and payment completion notification will be sent to the driver in a tick.

VerificationProfessionalism is what the on-demand services are known for. And to help you achieve the same, the app comes with the verification feature where the drivers’ documents are verified by the admin.

Invoice generationThe driver can have an invoice for the recent trip that he has completed.

Account integrationDrivers can now have the smartest way of receiving payments by integrating their account into the Uber like app for receiving their earnings directly.

RatingsWhy should ratings stop with just customers? Increase the trust and loyalty between the drivers about your app by allowing them to rate the trip after its completion.

DashboardAs an app admin, you have cruise control over the app. Monitor, manage operations and activities, bring out the best results with the elegant dashboard available.

ManagementThe secret to your success is right here! Now manage each and every aspect of your taxi booking app business seamlessly with essential elements like the driver, customer, rides etc.

CommissionWithout much of an investment in inventory, your call is here to earn a fortune by setting the price range and earning for every ride.

SettlementsHave a holistic view of the payments done by the customers to the drivers online.

Heat mapKnow about the demographic that needs your service using the heatmap feature and make an informed decision about the surge pricing.

Fleet managementUnlike conventional methods, now you could take part in the successful sector efficiently, as our app comes with the panel where you could manage your vehicle set, including payouts etc.

Dynamic documentBased on the region, managing the documents for the connected vehicle, company and drivers. Less paperwork, more efficiency.

God’s viewInstead of surfing through the entire list, save your time terrifically now. You can search for a vehicle at any time by entering the type, driver name and location.

SMS GatewayAugment your visibility by sending personalised bulk SMS to the client through the smart SMS gateway integration from the admin panel.

ReportsHave knowledge about your business’ progress at your fingertips with this feature. Trip payments, company settlements, ride wallet, subscription, driver wallet are all now in view of this.

Taxi Booking app development in Nioda

Get a complete strategy of Taxi Booking app development

Our mobile app development company complies with international quality management guidelines. Thus, our focus is on matching the expectations of our clients. We are a highly client-centric company that takes great pleasure to see our clients happy and satisfied with our services and solutions. Our standing as the most coveted taxi booking app development company in India stands beyond the scope of debate and doubt.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • 95% Repeat business
  • Quality Service UX

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Our Featured Clients

Our customers experience a sharp rise in their business revenues after adopting our applications.

Our apps boost the engagement between a brand and its customers. Likewise, it helps a service provider to retain its customers better. It results in a significant and a drastic rise in business revenues. Thus, you can expect the sweetest return for your investments in developing an app. You will appreciate the experience you will have in dealing with our company.

Custom-Built Taxi App Development

A tap on the smart phone is what users require to achieve any goal! Trendy taxi booking apps are moving beyond the standard elements. So, update your taxi booking app development with luxury white-label resolutions.

Join the “Tekniko” with the on-demand expertise; you can become the following disruptive ride-hailing colossus! We are a taxi booking app Development Company that acknowledges delivering the next big item in demand.

 Custom-Built Taxi App Development

Get Your Taxi App Today!

Building a custom-made Taxi App Development company should not be challenging. Particularly when Tekniko is with you.

On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development Company

Leading On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development Company

Building a trustworthy taxi booking app resolution requires top-notch engineering superiority, which Tekniko gets aboard for many companies. Taxi booking companies face several challenges in development expenses, providing user understanding, driver matching algorithms, and better.

Tekniko is a Taxi Booking App Development Company with top-notch engineering and on-demand expertise. Our resolutions furnish quick changes for your apps, optimizing the expense without compromising quality. The most useful feature of our taxi booking app developers resolution is the appropriate customizations that allow an improved user adventure.

Taxi App for Consumers Service we provide

Consumers will be using a particular application to secure Modern taxi booking apps as per their trip plan, this application is fully utilized by the users to discover their goals and the app lists the driver info once approved.

Taxi App for Consumers Service we provide

Consumers will be using a particular application to secure Modern taxi booking apps as per their trip plan, this application is fully utilized by the users to discover their goals and the app lists the driver info once approved.

Cab App for Drivers

The app is fully extended from the driver's end of view to help the drivers while going by delivering the same location and the correct route to the goal and other details concerning the ride.

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Dispatch Software

We deliver cutting-edge dispatcher software to customers that aids in automating the company and even let’s to work every detail of every ride.

Maintenance & Help

We supply you with 24/7 help and care even after the takeoff of the application and also always work on the result of the application to deliver updates in app advancement.



Already operating a company and want to combine cutting-edge solutions? We are here to combine cutting-edge resolutions into your company by delivering the right application that increases your business growth.

Tekniko Global app development

Advantages of Taxi Booking Application Development

Tekniko is created up of a special group of designers who concentrate exclusively on rates and have created ground-breaking taxi booking app solutions. Here are a few benefits of taxi booking applications that create them booming and responsible for both passengers and taxi drivers.


Compared to traditional taxi booking hubs, taxi app solutions are additionally cost-effective. When clients are uneasy about advancement, companies may show decreased meals, which eventually help them to keep money and make cab rides more reasonable.

Protected Price

Consumers can have a combination of payment choices like a credit card, debit card, and Paytm in our Taxi Booking App. Numerous price methods permit them to create payments efficiently and securely.

Custom made

A customizable taxi booking app development service lets users customize their user interface as per their choices. This allows them to find their preferred benefits fast and makes their general adventure satisfactory.

Our Taxi Booking App Features

As a best taxi app development company in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, we deliver cab app as per client deadlines. Our taxi app developers are highly skilled and experienced. We provide following features

Maps, Routes, and GPS Tracking

Taxi booking apps facilitate on-demand cab services. The driver must reach the pickup locations at its earliest. At the same time, your passengers should not face any issues in commuting to their target destination. Hence, we incorporate maps, Route guides, and GPS Tracking.

Application For Passengers

An excellent cab booking app features lots of applications for passengers. It features the applications to choose the preferred payment method, Gift Vouchers, and Order cab. These features make the application all the more engaging, making your customers loyal to your brand.

Various Payment options

The best apps allow users to pay the fare in various options. When there are multiple payment options in the app, it becomes easier for the customers to pay for the services. Thus, you will never miss out on a customer for the chances of difficulties in making the payment.

Free download

Users can download our app for free. It facilitates the full download, and thus, enhances the count of the prospective customers. The more is the download, and the higher are the chances for the users to avail your services at some time or the other.

Feedback Mechanism

The best on-demand service apps always encourage their customers to give feedback about their experience in enjoying the services. It gives users the impression that their voices are getting heard, and their feedback matters a lot to the service provider. It goes a long way to boost engagement between customers and service providers

Confidentiality and Privacy

Your customers expect that their data are staying private and confidential. It is one crucial point to comply with. To ensure things go in this direction, we offer robust encryption on our apps. Thus, all information your customers share with you will always stay private and confidential. It will help you to gain the confidence of your customers..

Scalable Online Taxi Booking App Development Services

The taxi booking app market differs according to specific business requirements like customers, location, and drivers. There are office commuters, corporate clients, tourists and patients with other kinds of lift choices. Tekniko delivers a favorably customizable On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development Company to cater to various customer requirements.

Cab Business/Taxi

Develop a white-label Cab app development company for your cab business and maximize earnings per ride with advanced features and elegant UX.

Rental Car

Leverage our professional Cab booking app Development Company to maximize profits for your car rental business via interactive features and reliable performance.

Corporate Taxi Business

Delivers the convenience of instant booking, focus pickups, and individual preferences via interactive Cab booking app development services features.

Taxi Booking App Qualities

Taxi booking apps like Uber and Lyft have been at the forefront of design with special features. with us, we believe in going beyond the characteristics of these demand giants to deliver an enhanced understanding.

Passengers App

Extending a hand to contact a cab or locating a lift on a busy road is an inconvenience that no user wants. We deliver custom-made taxi booking app development services that allow users to reserve a cab with one tap. Our group of expert taxi app developers offers active features which enable users to follow every step of the cab or rental.

  • Secure a ride
  • Reexaminations & review
  • The comfort of the price
  • Real-time details
  • Booking rentals
  • Conveyance estimations
  • Two-step confirmation
  • Spot Access
Passengers App

Driver's App

A driver’s app is not just about getting ride demands. Our Best taxi booking app development company resolutions provide features that allow drivers to tolerate or decline submissions, pass riders’ areas, track earnings, etc.

  • Record management
  • One spout idle
  • Path optimization
  • Real-time updates
  • Real-time updates
  • Tracking earnings
  • Trip management
  • Rating riders
Driver's App

Admin Panel

Controlling every aspect of your taxi booking app needs state-of-the-art features and business intellect. Tekniko provides on-demand taxi Booking App Development with enhanced skillfulness, analytics and flexibility,

  • Rider control
  • Location control
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Revenue surveillance
  • Advertising management
  • Driver Control
taxi Booking Admin Panel

What Concerns Taxi Booking App Development Expenses?

Creating a custom taxi booking app development has many stages. Right from creating outstanding UX to architecture wire framing and developing and deploying apps has specific expenses. Hire models for taxi app developers significantly impact the cost. It depends on:

  • Skills and learning
  • Location-based pricing
  • Developer’s knowledge
  • Hourly pricing
  • App Protection
  • Technology expertise
  • Hourly pricing

Fortunately, Tekniko delivers adaptable containers customized to your cab booking app necessities.

Taxi Booking App Development Expenses

Why Choose Tekniko as Your Mate In custom taxi booking app solution?

Over many years of wealth in taxi booking app growth developers of Tekniko are skilled in different taxi booking app development services and here are the key services we offer to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can design and develop applications that will run on various platforms and operating systems. It helps you in accommodating a broader base of customers within your clientele.

We offer dedicated support services on a 24/7 basis. Our support professionals are qualified, expert, and experienced. You will find us standing beside you when you need our services the most. Reviews about our services will give you a clear account in favor of this claim.

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