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Rely on an app to serve clients with your astrological solutions

Professionals in the field of astrology have become highly dependent on apps and software systems. As this industry has become highly competitive, it is advantageous to have a custom app. You can engage your clients in your app and provide them with your service easily.

At Tekniko Global, the best astrology app development company, we have a team of developers to create a tailored app design. As we launch our app, you can market it and establish your online presence. Your astrology and numerology service will become accessible to lots of potential clients.

Tekniko Global app development
A cutting-edge horoscope app for astrologers
  • SWith graphic elements and interesting content, we make your horoscope app attractive.
  • Users can navigate through the app very easily.
  • Our professionals implement the AI technology to let the app do calculations for you.
  • Besides, our apps perform smoothly across any device, including mobile and desktop.
  • As you are providing online service, your clients will pay you online. That’s why we integrate e-wallets and payment modes to your app.
We build astrology apps of different types

Think of the right way of dealing with your clients. We create your app based on your needs.

As a leading astrology app development company, we provide our customers best mobile apps services as per their need.

Zodiac Horoscope

This horoscope app gives information on zodiac sun signs, including Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Cancer, and Leo. Everyone gets values from this app.

Chinese Horoscope

On your request, we can design an app that covers the Chinese horoscope signs, including Monkey, Rat, Tiger, Dragon, and Rabbit. We also include a Chinese calendar for your convenience.

Vedic Astrology

When your clients rely on Vedic astrology, we create the best app for you. We help you in making software-based calculation of Kundli.

Western astrology

Western astrological charts look different, and our app helps you to offer western astrology services to your clients.

Daily horoscope

Some of your clients may need daily horoscope report. As they subscribe for this service, our app can automatically send Zodiac sign-based reports.

Tarot Card Interpretations

Tarot reading is another way of predicting future events. By interpreting Tarot cards, you can communicate with your clients.


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Our Integrations Choice Makes us a Trusted Astrology App Development Company.

We create an online portal that enables you to provide astrological services. With real-time interactions, you may give predictions to your clients. Moreover, you may also sell astrological stones as the remedy to different problems to your client’s life. Thus, by investing in an horoscope app development company , you will find it easy to increase your revenues

Frequently asked questions

We have the best programmers in our team with strong knowledge of SQL, Swift, Android Studio, and several testing tools.

We give you the estimate after having a consultation with you. Based on the integrated features and intricacy level, we design the app. However, we are highly competitive in our pricing.

We use the latest technologies that help us to design the best astrology app within the shortest time. However, we always pay attention to every detail of the app.

Frequently asked questions
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