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Rely on an app to serve clients with your astrological solutions

Professionals in the field of astrology have become highly dependent on apps and software systems. As this industry has become highly competitive, it is advantageous to have a custom mobile app. You can engage your clients in your app and provide them with your service easily.

At Tekniko Global, the best astrology app development company, we have a team of astrology app developers to create a tailored app design. As we launch our app, you can market it and establish your online presence. Your astrology and numerology service will become accessible to lots of potential clients.

Astrology App Development Company
A cutting-edge horoscope app for astrologers
  • SWith graphic elements and interesting content, we make your horoscope app attractive.
  • Users can navigate through the app very easily.
  • Our professionals implement the AI technology to let the app do calculations for you.
  • Besides, our apps perform smoothly across any device, including mobile and desktop.
  • As you are providing online service, your clients will pay you online. That’s why we integrate e-wallets and payment modes to your app.

Benefits of Developing an Astrology and Horoscope Mobile App

Our Astrology app development company in India, helps you to digitalize your business, which gradually helps you to expand your audience and eventually grow your business.

We build astrology apps of different types

Think of the right way of dealing with your clients. We create your app based on your needs.

As a leading astrology app development company, we provide our customers best mobile apps services as per their need.

Zodiac Horoscope

This horoscope app gives information on zodiac sun signs, including Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Cancer, and Leo. Everyone gets values from this app.

Chinese Horoscope

On your request, we can design an app that covers the Chinese horoscope signs, including Monkey, Rat, Tiger, Dragon, and Rabbit. We also include a Chinese calendar for your convenience.

Vedic Astrology

When your clients rely on Vedic astrology, we create the best astrology app for you. We help you in making software-based calculation of Kundli.

Western astrology

Western astrological charts look different, and our app helps you to offer western astrology services to your clients.

Daily horoscope

Some of your clients may need daily horoscope report. As they subscribe for this service, our app can automatically send Zodiac sign-based reports.

Tarot Card Interpretations

Tarot reading is another way of predicting future events. By interpreting Tarot cards, you can communicate with your clients.


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Features of Astrology and Horoscope Apps

Our Astrology app development services add other features like a secure payment gateway, Appointment booking, planetary calendar, customer data management, reports, and analysis.

Instant Astro updates

Your user will get a notification of any planetary change in the stars, keeping them updated about the influence of stars and planetary movement.

Instant Expert Guidance

The user can connect to the astrologer anytime by call or chat to seek any type of guidance.

Detailed Birth Chart

User can get their personalized birth chart with all minute details.

Personal Perception

User will get their horoscope daily, weekly, and yearly.

Relationship agreement

user can check their compatibility in their love relations, friendships, or even in business.

Payment Gateway

Our astrology app development agency works well here. We use the latest technology to make a secure payment gateway for your clients to make payments.

Sponsorship Programs

Our sponsorship programs are focused on mentoring players to support their overall development.

Appointment booking attractive desktop

Our best designer uses UX/UI technologies to make user-friendly, attractive, and easy-to-navigate desktops for your clients to book appointments.

Planetary calendar

Our astrology solution shows every day Planetary Calendar. This will help to plan your client their daily activity.

Customer Data Management

Management of Customer data is very crucial. managing details of all the customers like their birth chart, questions, preferences, and many other details. A responsible Astrology Industry builds customer trust and feel secure.

Reports and Analysis

This feature is very essential for you and your clients- your clients need detailed and self-explanatory reports of the celestial body transition, birth chart, or any other information needed. You also need reports and analysis of the app’s performance. Which will help you to decide your future business plans.

Our Integrations Choice Makes us a Trusted Astrology App Development Company.

We create an online portal that enables you to provide astrological services. With real-time interactions, you may give predictions to your clients. Moreover, you may also sell astrological stones as the remedy to different problems to your client’s life. Thus, by investing in an horoscope app development company , you will find it easy to increase your revenues

Why choose Tekniko Global as Your Astrology app development Partner?

Experts in Astrology

our astrological app developer team is highly expert and experienced in developing astrology apps. We create mostly all the features of astrology with perfection.

Friendly design

Your user will feel the app is very attractive and friendly. And easy to use.

Collaborative and Customize app

We develop custom Astrology Development Apps as per your requirements and needs. We value your input at each step of app development.

Maintenance support

Our separate team of developers will be appointed to add any feature based on the feedback.

Quality Guarantee and budget-friendly

our team does all testing of the app before launching. We do manual and auto testing both. Our Astrology app development company in Noida develops budget-friendly apps as per your needs.

Our Astrology App Development Process

Understand client requirements

In this step, our team collects data and discusses it with you to understand your requirements. As the top Astrology app development company understand that this is the most crucial step where we both must come on the same page.


we create a model of the app with a rough interface and get back to you for feedback. You can mention the changes. Here we finalize the design and the working or flow of the app.

Development of the App

After finalizing the prototype our team started the app development with the best-suited technologies and languages for your app.

Testing for quality

Our Astrology app Development Company in Gurugram have test the app quality and check for any bugs. All the encountered bugs will be removed by our developers.

Deployment or Launching of the App

After the development of the app the next step is to launch it for the final use, on its respective store.

Support and maintenance

we create a model of the app with a rough interface and get back to you for feedback. You can mention the changes. Here we finalize the design and the working or flow of the app.


Our Astrology app development company in Delhi has a special team that is also there to promote the app on the store for a wider audience.

Why Astrologers should go the Digital way for their Services

Astrologers will get many benefits by bringing their Astrology business online. As the Best Astrology app development company, we are always concerned with providing the best services.

Wider Audience

By digitalizing their business, astrologers can get a wider range of audience. A famous astrologer can get clients from different parts of the country.

Maintenance of customer database

This will help to maintain all the records of the customers. Help to give appointments, and maintain all the details of a customer and their feedback.

Brand building

Having a digitalpresence will increase the visibility and credibility of an astrologer. This will help to build a brand name for your Astro company.

Connection build

Our company's mobile app development for Astrology understands and helps to build a strong connection with your clients. You can share videos, and articles regarding the forecasts, or future transition of the planets. You can also conduct webinars to connect with many clients at a time

Frequently asked questions

We have the best programmers in our team with strong knowledge of SQL, Swift, Android Studio, and several testing tools.

We give you the estimate after having a consultation with you. Based on the integrated features and intricacy level, we design the app. However, we are highly competitive in our pricing.

We use the latest technologies that help us to design the best astrology app within the shortest time. However, we always pay attention to every detail of the app.

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