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Healthcare app development company Tekniko Global transforms your medical services with secure, innovative, and user-friendly apps. Enhance patient engagement and streamline processes with our expert solutions.

Healthcare App Development Services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, India

We build impeccable apps for healthcare business

Our mission is to transform the usual approaches and orientations in the Healthcare Industry. Most importantly, we focus on making medical care available for all. We are a professionally managed company for Healthcare App development in Delhi, with an exceptional track record in developing customized apps. Since the day of incorporation, our objective has been seamlessly thriving for qualitative and quantitative excellence. It gives us immense pleasure to state that we have been majorly successful in accomplishing our mission. When it comes to companies for Healthcare app development in Delhi, we enjoy users' faith and confidence.

We have already completed hundreds of healthcare app development projects. Our development has produced the complete gratification of our clients.

We have been working with Healthcare providers from Home and abroad. Our app has enabled our clients to secure the best engagement with their patients, allowing them to offer superlative medical and Healthcare services.

Our Healthcare app empowers users to avail of quality healthcare services in all instances. Using our applications, they can escape the usual approach wasting time waiting for their turns at the healthcare facilities. These apps have given more flexibility to our clients and users. It is for our app that Healthcare providers can now pay better attention to their patients. On the other hand, users can relish quality Healthcare facilities from their houses' cozy and comfort. Thus, our app has benefitted users and healthcare providers alike.

 Healthcare App Development Services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, India

Features Of Our healthcare application solution

Registration & AppointmentPatients can set up their profiles by providing essential information such as name, age, gender, medical history, available medical reports, nearest hospital details, and contact information. Additionally, they can book appointments with their chosen healthcare providers

Telemedicine (Chat/Video/Audio Call)Patients can interact with doctors while the latter assesses symptoms, potential causes for illness, and provides suggestions via video conferencing and phone calls.

E-PrescriptionDoctors can generate and send prescriptions without any errors, enabling them to view prescription insurance formulary information and also comprises all the information in electronically-connected pharmacies

EHREHR enables patients and doctors to access sensitive medical reports and records in a safe and secure location, backed by blockchain technology. This enhances the effectiveness of doctors and their decision-making in emergencies.

Medication ReminderPatients can set timer and alerts to remind them of prescribed medications over time intervals through text, calls, and emails. They can also store and share e-Prescriptions.

Emergency Ambulance ServicePatients can immediately book ambulances in unfortunate situations by a single click from their app and hail emergency services at the earliest possible.

Hospital WayfinderBy installing navigation-enabled maps of the hospital that features different complexes, departments, wards, canteen, parking, etc. a significant pain point of patients is removed.

Payment and BillingMultiple payment options are provided, and the bill is generated with the reference number.

RatingsPatients can rate the consultation experience in a non-intrusive form and review the doctor’s performance.

Doctor OnboardingQuick registration and simplified profile management ensure swift onboarding of doctors with their profile resonating their expertise.

Appointment SchedulerDoctors must be able to manage their appointments determined by a variety of factors, such as preference, seriousness, etc., and accept/reject appointments.

Patients’ DashboardMedical records can be viewed by doctors aiding them to enable quick decision making and accurate diagnosis.

Clinic Photo CaptureDoctors can capture and compare high-resolution patient photographs to depict the effect of treatment and enhance their chances of conversions of consultations.

Decision Support SystemDoctors are armed with reports and analysis that enable them to make accurate decisions. These tools include a range of laboratory tools, management tools, mobile calculators, and clinical treatment guidelines.

Patient ManagementAdmins can view the details of patients and the appointment requests and can edit/modify the data.

Doctor ManagementThe details of doctors and their specialty and schedules appointments are accessible to the admin and approve/reject their services.

Billing ManagementInformation like bills, total revenue of the month, commission rate, and other financial details can be viewed and exported by admins.

Documentation ManagementAdmins can access all documents related to medical records, patient care, lab test reports, and insurance documents.

An overview of our App development cycle

  • Business Analysis
  • User Interface Design
  • Application design and development
  • Implementation at the back-end
  • Integration with EMR/EHR and other systems.
  • An assurance on Data security and confidentiality
  • Maintenance- adding new features and eliminating bugs.
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incredible success stories of our Healthcare app development services

Our track record of successfully developing and launching next-gen online Healthcare apps and world-class edtech products for millions of users worldwide has garnered our firm the top spot among Healthcare app development companies. Here is a glimpse of our success stories in the Healthcare app development services landscape.

dilli7pharmacy case study
Dilli 7 Pharmacy

No 1 Pharmacy Shop

Patients can easily access a wide range of diagnostic tests and screenings from the convenience of their homes with our DaaS solution. People may conveniently ...

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The Best Healthcare App Development Company in India

Our motto is simple and very intense we want to empower health with technology. We specialize in developing various health apps, that keep the patient’s health at the center and maintain communication smoothly between the patient and the healthcare service provider. At Tekniko Global we develop apps that improve patients’ health and enhance their healthcare experience. Our dedicated healthcare app developers are committed to developing apps for hospitals, clinics, and other medical centers. Let’s dive into the health apps where health meets technology.

Best HealthCare
healthcare app Development Agency

The Healthcare App Development Agency

Healthcare app development - developing software appsthat are designed to merge many aspects of the healthcare industry. These apps are developed for the specific requirements and challenges of the healthcare industry with a motto of patient care and building proper rapport among healthcare providers for working smoothly.

Healthcare Application Development Company are developing apps for smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, and many others to make healthcare services easily accessible like easy appointment setting, alarms for medicine and checkups, and online consultation. Eventually, the aim is to utilize the energy of technology for better healthcare and become a bridge between patients and the healthcare industry, for providing better medical services.

Notable Features of our Healthcare App

As a medical app development company, we develop best healthcare app as per our client demands

Simple Registration and Login Process

Registration and Login are the initial steps for the users to interact with the app. In the majority instances, users find the process complex and time-consuming. Our app is a gallant exception in this regard. You can complete the registration formalities within seconds. Consequently, you can log in to the app with a few clicks.

Easy to access and modify profile

Users should not face issues in creating, accessing, and changing their profiles. Understanding this, we have given such a design that you can complete this task within seconds. It enhances the engagement of the users with the Healthcare app.

Exploring and consulting Physicians

Our Healthcare app enables users to explore and consult physicians without hassles. The app features comprehensive filters that support users to filter doctors based on their specializations.

Easy to shortlist Doctors

Our objective is to simplify the process to select the relevant Health Expert as per the users' needs. Our Healthcare app gets designed in a manner that you can shortlist the doctors of your choice from the search results quickly.

Appointment Manager

Once you raise a consultation request, the app will send an intimation to the doctor of your choice. You will get a confirmation of the appointment once the physician confirms his/her availability for the consultation.

Healthcare Reminder

Our app keeps intimating users about the critical areas of Healthcare. For example, it has features to inform you about the timing to take the next dose. Thus, you will never miss a dose again.

Best Healthcare App Development

There are a varied range of services offered by the Healthcare Application Development Company:

Maintain Health Data

This service includes managing all health data like patient history, test results, and prescriptions. Which will help healthcare service providers to see the comprehensive details of the patients. It minimizes error as all patients, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel can access the patient reports at the same time. This means that this service will help to keep all the records centralized. It reduces paperwork and increases coordination between healthcare personnel.

Remote Consultation

This service allows one to consult the doctor online by video call. It meansa virtual visit to the doctor. With video calls,patients can discuss health concerns, and get prescriptions without going to the hospital or clinic. This service is very useful for remote areas or any famous doctor where visiting is challenging. These services save time and travel time also.

Health Monitor

This service uses smart devices like smartphones or smartwatches to collect pieces of information like heart rate, sleep pattern, pulse, calorie count, and physical activity like step count, duration, and more. This service helps patients easily capture their health data and keep a keen watch. This information helps patients to make proper decisions for their health and lifestyle.

User-Friendly Interface

Our healthcare designs highly interactive and user-friendly interfaces for easy use and accessibility for patients and healthcare service providers. We ensure that the interface will represent your brand vision and enhance the engagement time of bothpatients. Patients can use this service with any guidance and receive satisfaction.

Data Security

This service ensures that all patients’ data is super protected with all protocols. This maintains patient privacy and trust in the healthcare app. This will always use validation for the user to extract data from the app. This service also ensures the security of all communication between patients and doctors or any healthcare providers.

Healthcare Apps Launch

In this service,we as the top healthcare app development agency, launch healthcare apps on their respective stores like Google Play Store and Apple Store. While deploying we follow all protocols and standards.

Post-Launch Support And Maintenance

We provide all post-launch support, updating any new features or amendments in the existing, and maintenance by fixing any bugs for optimal performance. Support and maintenance are essential for the long-term usage of the app.

Payment Services

This service integrates a secure payment facility within the app. This is essential for all smooth billing processes during the consultation or any other healthcare facility.

Healthcare Education

This service offers healthcare information to the patients. It spreads knowledge about health conditions and information about prevention.

Why should you choose us for Healthcare app development services?

Our authority in developing the Healthcare app stands beyond the scope of debate. As the most-coveted party for healthcare app development company in Noida, we hold a commitment to deliver such services and solutions that will produce your complete happiness.

We hold formidable expertise and experience along the following development scenarios.

  • Medical software and application development
  • Healthcare Mobile App development
  • Fitness app development
  • Yoga Website and app development
  • Applications that track Heart Rate
  • Applications to monitor and manage patient engagement

Healthcare app development solutions

We provide an extensive range of healthcare apps and endwise development services, that have leveraged the healthcare industry. Our developers develop apps for your every requirement. Here is the list of some healthcare development solutions:

Healthcare Mobile app solutions

we are the top healthcare app development company developing reliable, secure, and scalable apps. These apps give many facilities to clients like online appointments, online consultations, payments, and many more. Some examples of healthcare mobile applicationsare

  • Family Health App
  • Women Health App
  • Chronic Disease App
  • Mental Health App
  • Fitness Health App
  • Medication App
  • On-Doctor Demand App
Healthcare Mobile app development solutions
Healthcare wearable App Solutions

Healthcare wearable App Solutions

Explore our cutting-edge healthcare wearable app solutions to enhance patient care. Our apps support fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, health metrics analysis, and personalized meal planning. Designed for seamless integration, they help you maintain health and wellness effortlessly. Discover how our innovative technology can transform your healthcare experience today.

  • Fitness and Activity Tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Health monitoring
  • Nutritional and meal planning
  • Women Health
  • Mental health

Healthcare web app solution

Our healthcare app developers also know the importance of our applications and develop them. We use advanced technology for developinghealthcare web apps. In this, we maintain a huge amount of data, remote consultation, patient online shopping, appointment booking, and many more services.


Medical Image Solutions

We develop many medical healthcare imaging apps to help many different healthcare providers. These help in diagnosing diseases and planning for treatment.

  • X-Ray App
  • CT-Scanning App
  • Radiology Reporting App
  • Nutritional and meal planning
  • Dental Imaging App

Healthcare Networking and education solutions

We develop apps that provide medical education and networking. We create many features like forums and discussions to increase user involvement and experience.

  • Medical Education App
  • Training App
  • Mental Healthcare app
Healthcare Networking and education solutions
Meditation Solutions

Meditation Solutions

TWe develop many meditation and fitness exercise apps by using UI and UX technology. These apps help to promote healthy lifestyle and mental health.

  • Workout Plan App
  • Meditation App
  • Health monitoring
  • Nutritional and Meal Planning App

Emerging technologies we used to develop healthcare apps:

What We Do?

At Tekniko Global, our healthcare developers always ensure to develop healthcare apps using the most advanced technologies so that apps are prominent and fulfil all your requirements. Our developers are experts in all the emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI, ML, AR, VR, IOT, and many more. All these technologies are very important in the development of healthcare mobile app development solutions.

Wearable technology

Our developer also works on wearable technologies for continuous health monitoring. It facilitates patients and healthcare providers to get essential health information and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Internet of Things or medical things(iOT)

Our developers use technology to connect most of the medical internet things to get and monitor patients in real time. It helps to control patient health through vital data.

Big data

It is a technology that can handle huge amounts of data. It not only stores but analyzes and finds patterns. Our healthcare appdevelopersuse this technology to identify patterns in human diseases and enhance medical research and patient care. It also helps in decision-making.

Argument and virtual reality

Both these technologies are very helpful in delivering a wonderful experience to the patients while giving healthcare education, to doctors while giving risk-free medical training. AR technology adds digital things to the real world and VR use takes to a Digital world

A I and Machine Learning

Our developers have used these technologies to develop apps. AI helps the app to check patterns and learn from the data, helps in face recognition, and medical reports scanning. ML studies the medical data of a patient helps in determining disease and helps in giving direction in treatments.


It is a technology used to keep the digital record securely. In healthcare apps, developers use blockchain technology to keep patient data safe so that it does not get mixed with other patient data and can only be accessed by validated users.

Why select Tekniko Global for healthcare development apps

We are the leading customer healthcare development app company. We are the agency, you can trust to develop secure, robust, and scalable apps in Noida, Gurugram, Mumbai, and Delhi. Our dedicated developers are experts in apps and solutions for different sizes of hospitals clinics and other healthcare centers.

experienced professional

We have experienced and skilled developers who develop reliable healthcare apps for every size of enterprise.

high-tech mobil app

At Tekniko Global we use emerging technologies for the development of healthcare apps. Our developers use high-tech tools and frameworks for the development.

deliver on schedule

Our clients trust us in developing, designing, and delivering healthcare apps on the given timeline. Our project management system method always ensures the timely delivery of apps.

testing and security

We as the healthcare app development company in Mumbai, have a special team for manual and auto testing both for error-free delivery. We also check for all the data and app security and maintain all protocols.

launching and post-launching support

We launch the app on their respective platform for the clients following all rules and regulations. Our team also takes care of the post-launch support. Our maintenance team fixes all the errors and updates the apps to fulfill all the requirements of the clients.

open communication

As a trusted healthcare app development agency, we always believe in open and clear communication and 100 percent transparency with our clients. We always take ideas from the clients and inform them about our work at each step of development.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the best programmers in our team with strong knowledge of SQL, Swift, Android Studio, and several testing tools.

We give you the estimate after having a consultation with you. Based on the integrated features and intricacy level, we design the app. However, we are highly competitive in our pricing.

We use the latest technologies that help us to design the best astrology app within the shortest time. However, we always pay attention to every detail of the app.

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