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Welcome to Tekniko Gloabal, your trusted Food Delivery App Development Company. We specialize in creating user-friendly, innovative, and reliable apps that boost your business. From seamless ordering to efficient delivery tracking, we ensure your customers enjoy a top-notch experience. Elevate your food delivery service with our expert solutions.

Food Delivery/Restaurant App Development Company

We are a professionally-managed app development company, delivering tailor-made solutions as per the specific needs and choices of our clients. Our company complies with the Global Quality Management Standard that ensures that our clients will always find the best grade products and solutions from our end. We take pleasure in matching the expectations of our customers with the most relevant answers. As a technology-driven company with a pool of qualified and experienced professionals in our team, we hold the commitment to make significant contributions beyond the success of your business. Our standing as the leading company for Food delivery app development in Noida stands beyond the scope of any debate and doubt.

Food Delivery App Development Company

Features Of Our White Label Food Ordering App

Secure OnboardingCustomers can join the app by providing their information such as email addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts.

Profile ManagementCustomers can make and handle their profiles, including their name, contact information, and where they want deliveries sent.

Advanced SearchCustomers can search for their favorite foods, types of cuisine, or restaurants using the smart search feature.

Add to CartCustomers can add all their favorite foods to the cart. They can only add food from one restaurant at a time.

Place OrderOnce customers have added everything they want to the cart, they can go to checkout and place their orders.

Easy PaymentsCustomers can pay for their orders using one of the many payment options provided in the app.

Track OrderCustomers can check the progress of their orders once they've placed them. They can also see the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Pop-up AlertsCustomers will receive updates on their order status through notifications within the app.

Ratings & ReviewsCustomers can give ratings for the delivery service they received and the quality and taste of the food. They can also share their feedback about both aspects.

Order HistoryCustomers can see a record of their current, finished, and canceled orders, along with details of their invoices.

Offers and Promos CodesCustomers can use app-offered discounts to get savings and apply promo codes if they have any.

Business ProfileRestaurant managers can set up and oversee their business profiles, including details like their name, address, contact information, and operating hours.

Order DashboardRestaurant managers can oversee all their incoming and current orders using a central order dashboard.

Menu and PricingRestaurant managers can display all the food items available in their restaurants along with their prices for customers to see.

Order AlertsRestaurant managers receive notifications about new orders through pop-ups within the app.

Track OrdersRestaurant managers can monitor orders that have been sent out for delivery.

Track PaymentsRestaurant managers can monitor payments for completed orders in a single, easy-to-access location.

View ReviewsRestaurant managers can see and handle customer feedback to improve their service quality if necessary.

Manage OffersRestaurant managers can offer discounts on orders to attract customer interest.

Customer SupportRestaurant managers can communicate with customers who have problems with their orders, resolving issues promptly to ensure higher customer satisfaction.

RegistrationDelivery drivers can sign up for the app using their email addresses or phone numbers.

Thorough VerificationDelivery drivers need to upload specific documents to verify their identity when they join the food delivery platform.

Create ProfilesDelivery drivers can set up and oversee their profiles, including their name, photo, and contact information.

Toggle ModeDelivery drivers can switch between being available or unavailable using a toggle mode, depending on their preference.

Order RequestsDelivery drivers receive quick notifications about new orders through push notifications within the app.

Accept/Reject OrdersDelivery drivers can choose to accept or decline incoming orders based on factors like their availability and customer locations.

Best Optimized RouteDelivery drivers are given the most efficient route to reach customer locations on time using GPS-enabled navigation.

Order DetailsDelivery drivers can see all their finished orders and their information here.

Earnings ReportDelivery drivers can see and handle their earnings from completed orders weekly or monthly.

Manage Multiple DeliveriesDelivery drivers can accept delivery requests for orders from the same location to provide quicker delivery service.

Intuitive DashboardThe admin can oversee all activities in the other apps directly from the admin panel.

Manage Customers, Restaurants, and Delivery DriversThe admin can see and handle the information of customers, restaurants, and delivery drivers who have registered with the platform to use or provide services.

Manage OrdersThe admin can oversee all orders placed by the restaurants using the app and manage their invoice details.

Manage NotificationsThe admin can control all notifications sent to each person involved in placing and delivering orders.

Commission Cut-downThe admin can reduce the commission on processed orders and give the remaining amount to restaurants and delivery drivers.

Manage OffersThe admin can distribute discounts and promo codes to customers to boost their services among the intended audience.

Advanced ReportsThe admin receives analytical reports containing valuable data to help make informed business decisions.

Create Sub-adminsThe admin can make sub-admin profiles that have restricted access to specific parts of the app's operations.

Help & SupportThe admin can help all users registered with the app in case they encounter any issues.

We invest ample time to understand the critical areas of business focus. Consequently, we come up with comprehensive solutions to push your brand forward. Our company has a reputation for developing highly user-friendly applications that go a long way to secure the best engagement between a brand and its target customers. Today, while looking for a Restaurant App Development company in Delhi, on-demand food delivery companies feel confident about approaching us, over our competitors. Our company is the best Restaurant App Development company in Gurgaon, stands tall to justify the trust and faith of our customers with our services and solutions.

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incredible success stories of our Food Delivery app development services

Our track record of successfully developing and launching next-gen online Food Delivery apps and world-class edtech products for millions of users worldwide has garnered our firm the top spot among Food Delivery app development companies. Here is a glimpse of our success stories in the Food Delivery app development services landscape.

Biggies Pizza

Best Food Deliver app

Biggies Pizza is not only to have great tasting food, but have efficient and friendly service because customer satisfaction is paramount. We want to be the restaurant choice for people from all walks of life.

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Our Food Delivery App Feature

As a leading Food Delivery App development company, we provide our customers best mobile apps services as per their need.

Simple steps to place the order

We design apps in a manner that customers never face any issues and hardships in placing an order. It is one of the necessities if you aspire your customers to love the food delivery app. If your customers find it is easy to place the order on your app, they will love and appreciate your app the most.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

As a provider of on-demand food, your objective should be delivering the orders to your customers at its earliest. If it is to get accomplished, your delivery boys should not face issues in tracking the location of the customers. It is the need for which the food delivery app must feature Real-Time GPS Tracking.

Compatibility with multiple languages

You will be having conversations with different languages. As a provider, you need to ensure that your customers should not face issues in placing an order for the language barrier. Hence, your app should be compatible with as many languages possible.

Social Media Integration

Social Media sites are the most potential place for marketing your products and services. Hence, all of our food delivery apps feature social media integration. It is one of the critical points that promote your brand better, securing a better engagement with your customers.

Simple Payment Options

As a provider of on-demand food services, you aspire to gain maximum engagement with your customers. If you have to accomplish this objective, your customers mustn't be facing any issues in making the payments. It will push the app among a broader base of customers, as they can comfortably use the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the part of the customers, it makes it easier for them to communicate with the providers through mobile apps. On this platform, they can complete all the formalities to avail a product or a service with just a few clicks.

It solely depends on the design you pick, and the features you aspire to add to your app. We ensure that we deliver the app strictly within the committed timeline.

We have an app for all, irrespective of your spending plans. Our mobile app development company will be happy to design and develop an app for your company if you approach us with a tight budget.

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