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Create a tailored app for your academic institute

Sometimes, the classroom-environment makes your students feel tired and exhausted. You want your student to stay connected with studies. At that time, education application development is the best solution. You can provide a personalized learning solution to students who have chosen your online educational app. At Takniko Global, we provide on-demand education app development services. Let our professionals design a quality app for your academic institute. From school-going kids to senior-class engineering students- everyone will find our education mobile apps interactive. Feel free to consult us and help us to know about your mobile app needs

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Features Of Our E-Learning App

Instant Registration Allow your users to quickly access the online learning platform by entering their email, phone number, or social media login details.

Advanced Search Bar Navigating through a wide range of courses and related digital materials has become easier with a course finder that includes strong sorting and filtering options.

Course Categories Finding a specific course is easier now because all registered courses are organized into broader categories and subcategories.

Assessments & QuizUsers can gauge their understanding of a subject or concept by taking customized quizzes designed to assess their technical knowledge.

Multiple Payment Options Users have access to various popular payment options such as credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, and an exclusive in-app electronic wallet.

Discussion ForumsTo encourage collaborative learning, users can ask questions and interact with the course instructor and other students in secure forums and chat boxes.

Saved CoursesWith a simple click, users can view all the courses they have enrolled in, along with their completion status and progress.

Course Remainder Bring organization to the online learning experience by sending users in-app notifications about upcoming lectures, assignments, deadlines, and more.

Course Completion Certificate Reward your users' efforts by issuing them a digital certificate when they complete required modules and assessments.

Reviews and Ratings Maintain the platform's credibility by allowing users to share their honest opinions about a course or instructor through a dedicated ratings and reviews section.

Swift OnboardingTo begin their teaching activities, instructors can easily sign up with the platform using their email address and phone number.

Instructor ProfileInstructors can add various details to their profiles, such as their specialization, areas of interest, expertise, academic achievements, citations, and more.

Create/ Upload CoursesInstructors can develop new courses or update existing ones with relevant materials, which are then reviewed and approved by the admin before being uploaded.

TutoringWith live-streaming capabilities, instructors can share their knowledge using personalized teaching methods in a virtual classroom setting.

Create LessonsEquipped with a variety of tools, instructors can easily create engaging audio, video, or text content for their courses.

Add Course GoalsInstructors can define clear objectives and goals for a course, which can be adjusted based on how students are learning.

Create Quizzes/AssignmentsInstructors can create and assign easy-to-use quizzes and other testing methods to evaluate students' understanding effectively.

Answer QueriesGive instructors the ability to answer students' questions in the discussion forum, which is a great way to increase engagement and resolve any uncertainties they may have.

File SharingEnhance online learning by sharing PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and video links with students in addition to the regular course materials.

Centralized Dashboard Admins can oversee the activities of all users and instructors closely, ensuring effective management of the platform.

Manage Users Admins have unrestricted access to the complete database of registered users and can export it for quality assurance purposes.

Manage Instructors Admins can view and block the complete profile details and information of instructors on the platform if they violate the app's regulations.

Manage CoursesAdmins have the authority to add, delete, or modify courses across different categories and subcategories based on learning trends and market conditions.

Manage PaymentsAdmins can efficiently gather financial insights by accessing key metrics such as total revenue, total profit, profit per course sale, and other important data.

Manage Promotions Admins oversee business growth and can create and implement email, blog, and other marketing campaigns effortlessly.

Manage Roles To streamline platform management, admins can hire and delegate specific tasks and managerial roles to assistant administrators.

Support Corner Ensure constant support for learners and instructors by offering 24/7 assistance across all available support channels, promoting unwavering reliability.

Multilingual Support Attract both local and global audiences by offering courses in major languages spoken worldwide, leveraging an international user base.

Advanced Analytics Admins have access to valuable insights derived from various performance and financial metrics related to user acquisition, behavior, course purchases, cart abandonment rates, and more.

In-App Chat Eliminate misunderstandings and foster clear communication between eager learners and skilled instructors using a secure internal messaging system.

Content Management System The built-in CMS functionality allows admins to customize and adjust displayed content to enhance user engagement rates.

Cloud Computing Harness the speed of cloud computing to quickly deliver course materials, enhancing accessibility to new heights!

Multiple Payment Integration Provide users with convenient payment options including credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, and a dedicated eWallet.

Performance Assessor Help users understand their strengths and weaknesses in a course and provide suggestions to improve their digital academic performance.

Common features of our eLearning App Development Solutions

incredible success stories of our Education app development services

Our track record of successfully developing and launching next-gen online Education apps and world-class edtech products for millions of users worldwide has garnered our firm the top spot among Astrology app development companies. Here is a glimpse of our success stories in the Education app development services landscape.

English Madhyam Case study
English Madhyam

Experts In Education App Development

English Madhyam is a unique Education platform that offers a wide range of services including personalized prepration.

Exam Daur

Experts In Education App Development

Exam Daur strives to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Classplx Case study

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Get the best mobility solutions in the world of education

As a reliable education app development company, we offer competitive app development services to educational institutes of India and abroad. Our professional android app developers have already delivered a quality product to schools, universities, colleges, training institutes, and e-learning centers. We offer on-demand eLearning apps.

Kids’ app

Kids always rely on visually attractive elements to understand anything. To make a fun and more entertaining environment, we add graphical elements to the online learning mobile app.

Game App

Educational games are always beneficial to little learners. Hire our educational app developers to launch a gaming app for your students.

Coaching Class App

Some parents find hard to locate private tutors to help their kids. Our tuition app development solutions are interactive, where they can find tutors and engage children in an online coaching class.

School App

To manage the regular administrative tasks of your school, you can use an app. You may also let students and teachers get into the app dashboard. Our education software development company fulfills your dream.

Language Learning App

Help your kids to make their vocabulary stronger and learn different languages. Our eLearning app development solutions encourage students to know a new language.

Teachers/Student App

Our E-learning application development company in India can design a special app only for students and teachers. By interacting with teachers, students can solve their problems easily


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Empower app-based learning in your academic institute

Common features of our Education Application Development Solutions

Our cross-platform apps help with both self-paced learning and real-time training. Use our custom eLearning app development to add unlimited number of video lectures and course tutorials. These apps will also make your business profitable, as you do not need to invest in papers and overall infrastructure. Moreover, our top eLearning app development company ensures that you can manage the app content easily.

Manage Courses

Let students get admission into your educational institute and choose the right course based on their preference. They can do it with a few clicks with our interactive educational apps development services.

Attendance System

Our education software development company equipped your app with robust attendance system. Teachers can record attendance of students. It will be easy to calculate the attendance percentage of every student.

Online Exam

You can hold online exams for students in your e-learning center. It’s a way of assessing the performance of students in a digital environment. Our modern education app development is embedded with the feature.

Online Fee Collection

The administrative department of your institute will get the advantages of online payment. Parents also do not need to stand in a queue to pay monthly fee. Our education app development company integrates secure online payment modes.

Result Publish

You can publish the digital result for students. Students have to get into the dashboard to view their own results and have a printout of the report card. Our education mobile app developers can integrate the feature upon your request

Improved interaction

Our education app development services promote interactions of parents, students, and teachers. This regular communication will lead to better outcomes.

Longer attention span

Our education app development services enable you to add HD videos and graphics. Teachers can keep up the concentration of students for longer hours.

Easy-to-access resource

You can publish eBooks for your students. By opening the app, students can find relevant information from eBooks. Our education application development process offers the feature.

Why Hire Our Education App Development Company?

We are a top eLearning app development company. We have a number of institutes, schools, colleges, and online education providers by providing them robust software development services.


Prolonged Experience & Team of Experts

Our eLearning app development company has a proven track record in developing customized and highly-interactive educational apps. Check our portfolio to learn about our previously done projects.


Deep Understanding of Educational Principles.

Our eLearning app development company has a deep knowledge of education principals. Hence, our developers can create engaging and interactive apps to enhance learning experiences


Develop Custom Apps

Our education mobile app development agency can tailor the software to meet your specific requirements. We love to play with new features and challenge ourselves. Thus, we are willing to customize the app according to your preferences.


User-Centered Design Approach

Our education mobile app development company gives priority to user experience and focuses on developing a user-centered design. Each app developed by our developers is intuitive, easy to navigate, and accessible.


Develop Apps for Various Platforms

Our developers are expert in designing and creating educational mobile apps for iOS, Android, and web-based applications. After understanding your needs we can customize your apps.


Testing for Apps

Our eLearning app development company is determined to follow this step to give a strong emphasis on quality. We test apps on the basis of security, smooth function, and error fixing.


Competitive Maintenance Services

You don’t need to look for maintenance services from outside. Our eLearning app development services include ongoing support and maintenance services until you want.


Affordable Design, Development, & Maintenance

Our eLearning app development services are cost-effective so that every small to large institute can get benefits from our software designing and development services. Feel free to share your budget with us so that we can help you in your constraint budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our education mobile app development services can develop software for Anroid, iOS, and cross-platforms. If you want to reach to maximum number of students, a hybrid educational app development is the best alternative. Your software will perform well in not only Android but also iOS.

Like other professional education application development companies, we develop a robust app for your institute. You can check the features above that we can offer. In addition, you can customize features too. Our educational app developers consult with you to know your needs. Based on the consultation, we will decide on our app features. However, most of our apps have chat system, online assessment, video player, and online live session facility.

Our education app development services are comprehensive. We cannot give you an accurate answer to the question. Our UI designers and programmers work together to take the shortest time for education app development in Delhi. Our educational app development company first analyzes your needs to provide you with the work deadline.

We create separate panels for teachers, students, and administrative authority of your school/college. Our education app developers have integrated unique features for each group of users.

Our educational mobile app development services understand the requirements for features between college and school apps. Therefore, our eLearning application development solutions are highly customizable. Here is a list of must-have features-

  • Student profiles
  • Course catalog
  • Class timetable
  • Attendance tracking
  • Announcement and notifications
  • Assignments and grades
  • Discussion forums
  • Event calendars
  • Emergency alerts
  • Feedback and surveys
  • LMS
  • Campus maps and directions

Our mobile eLearning application development comprises developing apps for kindergarten, middle schools, higher secondary schools, and colleges. We can design apps for young children to help them develop foundational skills by adding features like interactive stories, games, and puzzles.

Our eLearning app development services offer maintenance services at affordable prices. You can get ongoing maintenance services right after the launch of the software.

We are listed in the best education app development companies of India. If you are not happy with your existing app, consult us for redesigning. Our developers can make the required changes after discussing your needs.

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