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Mobile App Development Services Gurgaon

We are standing out as the top Mobile App Development company in Gurgaon, India. Over the past few years, the usage of smartphones has exploded- bringing your customers glued to the screen. So, it is mandatory to have a mobile app to reach the customer for a business to flourish. Tekniko Global one of the leading mobile app development companies in Gurgaon is at your service. We develop a Mobile application that effortlessly incorporates with multifaceted platform. We have delivered many Mobile apps to various enterprises in different domains. Our App Developers are highly experienced and equipped with the latest technologies to serve you the best.

Mobile App Development Company in Gurgaon

How Mobile App Development Agency Leverage Your Business?

Agencies developing Mobile apps are opening many directions for your business. These mobile Apps anticipate direct access of your business to your customers. Mobile apps have helped inestablishing warm and personalized relations with customers – cultivating loyalty and engagement. In today’s scenario transition to mobile Apps has become essential.

With an interactive, user-friendly Mobile app your business will able to gain customer engagement and help to compete with your competitor. Mobile apps boost your business in any way like:

  • Improve customer contribution
  • Easly accessible and visible
  • Help in data collection and analysis
  • Build your Brand Image
  • Marketing and two-way communication
  • Leverage sales and revenue
  • Social Listening and help to stand out in competition

Our Featured Clients

Our Mobile App Development Services Functionality


iOS Mobile App Development Service

Our Mobile App Developers are experienced and versatile, helping us to project as the leading brand in developing iOS Mobile apps for the App Store. We are designing customized, user-friendly interfaces and following iOS Values like security, compatibility, Quality Guarantee, and data maintenance.


Andriod mobile App Development Service

Our mobile application development services create custom apps for iPhone and iPad users. Our mobile application development services in Gurgaon uses special frameworks and languages to develop customized and user-friendly apps that are robust, concise, and safe to deliver a high-quality user experience.


UI and UX Developing services

Our Mobile Development company in Gurgaon develops user-friendly designs that attract customers, retain them, and help to achieve business goals. Our services are to capture customer data and serve as a channel to orient customer expectations with the objective of your business.


Analytics and Performance

Our Team uses the latest software to track the usage of your mobile app, customer behavior, and performance, collect and manage data for further improvement. Help to build targets and policies of business by checking reports analytics software.



The security of Mobile data is a major concern nowadays. Our team does all that by using credentials, authentication, validation, and encryption practices.



To be the next-gen Mobile App, we are always ready to integrate the latest technologies to leverage the user experienceand App functionality. We also provide post-launch support and maintenance.

What set our company Tekniko Global as a Top App Development Agency

Deep understanding of the App design principle

During the process of app development, we comprehend the needs of our customers thoroughly. Our application developers always stay updated with the latest technologies, UI designs, and rules of Google. Our mobile app development cost is effective and reasonable.

Experienced and dedicated Team

Our App Development team is skilled in the latest technologies and innovative ideas that you have never imagined before. Post-development process - maintenance is also provided to function smoothly by our team.

On time and Fast

Hundreds of customers benefited from our best app making company. We understand the value of your time and money. Delivering the app on time and fast builds customer trust and helps you to be ahead in a competitive marketplace. These qualities show our professionalism and boost our customer satisfaction.

Mastering Diversity in Technologies

Our developers understand a wide range of the latest technologies from ML to AR and VR. Businesses from various landscapes were promoted by this versatile knowledge.

Follow 3 I (Integrity, Innovation, Involvement)

We preserve our integrity through our app development process through feedback and two-way communication. Tehniko Global team is always evolving and learning new ideas and technologies. Our creative and unique ideas stand-out us from competitors. We believe that app development involves two-way communication to accomplish perfection.

Cell Phone App Development process

The entire process involves many steps



This stage involves ideas from the clients, target customers, and research work on competitors and markets. It is the stage very crucial in the formation of a customized App for the client. The stage involves creating a rough idea of how the app works.


Designing and Development

This step involves the actual designing and development. We finalize UI, UX, and front-back-end components. We aim to craft a design that attracts customers and makes them feel connected with your App. Our motto is to develop a smarter App by using the latest technologies. Our smarter Apps are also using Artificial intelligence and Data Science.


Testing and Deployment:

The testing phase involves the removal of all the bugs and checking App performance. We are committed to serving as an excellent quality. After the vigorous testing, it is time to release the app on the respective store. We help youin launching the appand stay connected in the initial growth of the app.


Maintenance and support

A special team is dedicated to the post-launch app. This team grips all queries and troubleshoots issues and assists. Our team will ensure the ideal performance and security of the app.

Tekniko Global has a wide landscape of Technologies and Domains

We have worked for varied industries like Education and Training, Entertainment and TV apps, Social Networking, Ordering and Delivering Food, Astrology, retail and E-Commerce, restaurant booking and management, Health and Diagnostics, and Taxi Booking services.

We adopted many latest technologies like React Native, JavaScript, Python, Jscript, C#, UX and UI design, Java, Android, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Flutter, Swift, Objective C, and many more.

Note: We can add pictures of all the above industries and technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Costing of a mobile app depends on many factors like its size, complexity, platform, technology, and development time. You can get the exact amount after discussing your requirements with us.

Both the platforms - Android and iOS are essential for the broader coverage of customers. You should consider your target customer and business goal while considering the platform. Initially, you can opt for according to your budget and make app development cost-effective.

The timeline also depends on the complexity of the App. Simpler may take a few months and complex may take a year and may extend beyond that.

Yes, we have a special maintenance team to handle all post-launch work like support, updates, and security.

There are many latest technologies like 5G technology, Artificial Intelligence, Beacon Technology, Mobile Commerce, Flutter, Mobile App Security, and Cloud Computing and there is a huge list.

Yes, our team has experience in integrating third-party services in Mobile apps as per the customer requirements. This will increase functionality of the mobile app.

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