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With a passion for creativity and commitment, Tekniko Global delivers an uninterrupted OTT app that has transformed the consumption of entertainment. We as the top OTT App Development Company in Noida, Delhi Gurgaon and Mumbai specialize in developing user-friendly and feature-rich Over the Top Apps.

Launch your Top OTT App with The Best OTT App Development Company, in India

With a passion for creativity and commitment, Tekhiko Global delivers an uninterrupted OTT app that has transformed the consumption of entertainment. We as the top OTT App Development Company in Delhi and NCR specialize in developing user-friendly and feature-rich Over the Top Apps. Come and join hands with us for your next-generation OTT App.

 OTT App Development Company in India

Introduction: OTT App Development Company

An OTT App is an app that helps users to watch videos, TV shows, movies, audio, and many other contents directly over the internet without satellite and cable services. These apps are available on various devices like smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and computers. These apps allow users to watch their favorite content anytime and anywhere.

OTT Software Development Company is an organization thatdevelops these apps. They use the latest technologies and designs to make highly functional and user-friendly apps. In addition to that, they also maintain a strong and rich back-end base for a reliable and trustworthy experience for the user. Tekniko Global is one of the leading OTT mobile app development companies, that makes OTT apps and makes it possible for your users to watch their content in just a few clicks and taps.

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Common OTT platform development services.

Join Tekniko Global for your OTT app development and get streaming and robust performance. We provide many OTT development services:

Design OTT UI/UX Interface

Our designer built aneasy-to-navigate and attractive interface. OTT desktop includes personal recommendations, a search button, a user profile, and many other features.

managing ott content

Our OTT App Development Company in Delhi, managing team ensures user satisfaction and optimization. The team also manages everyday content, updating the content, troubleshooting, and other system maintenance.

integration with other services

OTT apps many times must integrate with otherOTT services like sharing with social media, payment gateways, sharing analytical tools, sharing with other content-delivering networks, and customer support tools. Our team does all the integration work.

testing and security of ott app

Anything that comes online, must be secure from unauthorized access, secure user data, content safety, and most importantly secure payment transactions. Testing of OTT Apps is crucial for a reliable user experience. We check app function and performance.

scalability, analytics, and reporting

OTT Apps are developed to handle as many customers and the content without any lack in performance. Analytics and reporting tools are important for further decisions about the content and app. It also helps with user recommendations.

monetizing planning

Our OTT app development company in Gurugram expert in implementing many monetizing plans like subscriptions, advertising, and partnerships with other businesses.

Why you should select Tekniko Global for OTT app development company

Our team provides many special OTT consulting and development services apart from the general.

Multilingual feature

This feature helps your app to get wider geographical clients.

User profile and wish list

We maintain user desktops by their given data and create their recommendations. User can also create a wish list of their favorite shows.

Search option

User can search their required/favorite content.

Rating and reviews

Users can rate and give their reviews to the admin or customer care. And we use those for the further improvement in the app.

Social sharing feature

User can share their favorite shows with their family and friends on social media.They can also review and rate the content and video streaming app.

On-time delivery and Communication

Tekniko Global is committed to delivering the app on time. And through the project, we always maintain open communication to get your feedback and ideas.

Process of the development of the OTT App

OTT App development is a process including many steps:

Market Research And Aata Gathering

Our team understands your requirements, and your content niche and conducts market research about the target audience and the demand for your OTT service. This step is essential for custom OTT development.

Planning And Prototype

In this step, developers decide about the platform and the device for the app. Plan with you about the business strategies like way of profit generation, pricing, and subscription plans. Developers also show a blueprint of the app.


The designerdesigns, an attractive and easy-to-use user interface of the app. Developers use the latest technologies in the development of apps. The developer also integrates the back-end database with the front-end of the app. Also, integrate other functionalities or services like payment gateway, and recommendation procedure.

Testing And Security Measures

our tester team tests the OTT app for any bug and informs the developer. The tester also tests the interface on different screen sizes and different types of devices. Check all the safety measures for data and payment transactions.

Deployment And Marketing

Launch the OTT app on the decided platform. And our marketing team promotes the app to expand your audience.

Post-launch Maintenance

Our team also does any amendments or adds new features by checking user feedback. Fixing all bugs and working on user feedback enhance user experience and trust. Analysis of user engagement and popular content also uplifts the smooth working of OTT apps.


Future Of An Ott Software Development Company

The future is very bright and promisingfor these OTT apps as the demand for digital entertainment increases. People prefer entertainment of their choice at any time, which increases the demand for digital entertainment over traditional TV. Many types of OTT apps are coming on the market. So, OTT platforms are growing and increasing business for their owner. We as the OTT web platform development company and OTT app development company provide you best services.

Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on the features and scope or complexity of the app. As the number of features increases, time also exceeds.

We can launch on any platform according to your target audience. We can launch on Android, iOS, or both. As we are developing the cross-platform app.

You can generate more and more profit through many monetization strategies like the Subscription model, Advertisements, In-app purchases, partnerships, and many others. Initially, we can also adopt the Freemium model to attract more and more users.

Yes, we make sure about the scalability while developing the app. We always keep in mind the growth of customers, business, and integration of other services in the future.

Our developer provides a panel to check all the analytics and reports of the app. By checking reports and analytics you can get details about the customer, their favorite content, time spent, and any pattern. All these data help you to take decisions for future business deals.

The timeline of the mobile app depends on many factors including client needs, what features are required in the app, flow of the app, or complexity. But still, our mobile app developer can provide the estimated time after discussing your requirements. We as the best mobile app development company in Delhi are very much committed to the timelines.

Yes, we have a special team dedicated to the maintenance of the app. We also update the app with any services based on the feedback of the clients. All these services are essential for the smooth working of the app.All provide all these mobile app development services in Delhi.

We use many technologies like Flutter, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, Python, NativeScripts, and many more. We use it as per the requirements of the clients. And many programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Swift, Python, and many more. We as the top mobile app development company in Delhi are equipped with the latest technologies.

Yes, Our App Development Services in Delhi, provide services after the launch of the app. Marketing and promotionsare to be done to increase the app’s visibility and user usage time. We domuch marketing by ASO (App Store Optimization), Social Media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, paid digital campaigns, and reporting.

Yes, we have two types of approaches for testing -manual and auto. In the manual, we do step-by-step testing by dividing the app into small parts. In auto-testing, we have various tools for checking the app. Once we find any, share it with developers to fix it. Before launching our mobile app developer in Delhi ensured to fix all bugs, and checked its security and speed.

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