Advanced Features Of our eLearning App

Here are some advance features of online education app which prefer student to choose it

  • It covers all courses of Crash Courses, Secondary school, Higher Secondary school and even primary school.
  • Students get free videos
  • Live Classes are available
  • Student can buy courses
  • Student even get offline content such as videos, notes, problem booklets
  • Student can get high quality recorded videos
  • This app provide handwritten notes
  • There is also doubt clearing forum
Customer overview:

Our elearning app is an online education portal for students. This app is on its way to make the traditional education system digital. It is a myth in students that online education is Main motto of this app to build bridges between students and subjects. Through the simplest way students can easily crack exams by scoring highest marks. Our education app covers all courses such as All India Test, Higher secondary courses and primary level courses.

This eLearning app provides flexibility to students. They have the freedom to suffle their courses because they aren't tied down to a fixed schedule. Our Elearning apps also provide students with the chance to network across nations. This leads to other opportunities in terms of collaboration with other individuals in the implementation of a project. With online classes, students get to control the learning environment, which ultimately helps them to develop a deeper understanding of their course.

Project Overview:

Get the best eLearning app for education industry

We are performing various user research analysis and worked on user intent of thinking while developing this app. We had tried to overcome students' problems which occurred during online classes. We tried to add additional features to the app which make the app user friendly. Our team performed various surveys over students and tried to understand what type of issues occurred during online classes or downloading pdf.

We had implemented all features and technology as per market and user demands.

In this app, We had provided Live Classes, High quality recorded videos, handwritten notes, Doubt clearing forum. We also provide features of online contents. There is also an advanced feature of buying courses on the same platform in real time. These advanced features and our strong competitor analysis techniques make our client app successful in the market. We had tried our best to convert our client ideas into reality. From designing,inclusion, smart contraction, Audit, Cryptocurrency Development, QA testing to Deployment.

We completed whole process in following steps:
  • Research the market
  • Performed strategic analysis
  • Define ideas with development team
  • Discussed with designing team for design purpose
  • Then forwarded this project for development phase
  • Handovered projects for testing phases
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