Java or Kotlin- Which programming language is better for developing an Android app?

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Java or Kotlin- Which programming language is better for developing an Android app?

Mobile app development has become the latest trend in the corporate world. Thus, the developers and programmers are also making the best approach to apply the new technologies for developing the apps. Nowadays, several businesses hire mobile app developers to create Android apps. Usually, the developers and designers use Java as the programming language for Android app. However, Kotlin has gained a good position as a new programming language. The developers’ community thinks that it has the potential to replace Java. Now, we have found out the difference between these two languages to help you in choosing the better one.

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Java - What are the features present in it?

Java is a favorite programming language to several app developers due to some reasons

  • Easily comprehensible
  • Flexible – Most useful for reusing the code or for updating the application
  • Best option to develop cross-platform mobile apps
  • Android SDK comprises standard libraries of Java
  • Java Virtual Machine, one of the latest adoption from Google for Android
  • Develop compact apps with Java- Kotlin application includes very complicated computing solutions
  • Java adds speed to the app development process

Demerits of Java-

Few limitations of Java cause the developers to find issues in designing Android API. To deal with this programming language, more coding is essential. Thus, there is always a chance of bugs and errors. Another negative thing is that it does not work faster than other similar languages.


JetBrains programmers have designed this language for enhancing Java features. It is a JVM-based open source language. You have to install Kotlin Plugin to deal with your app development work.

Is it the better choice to you?


Several developers rely on Kotlin due to its conciseness. They have not traced this quality in Java. However, readability is more important than this preciseness. Kotlin’s concise nature has made the job of developers much easier. It has also reduced the chance of making any error.

Null Safety

This is another uniqueness of Kotline. Android is dependent on the null for presenting the lack of any value. However, null may affect the app adversely. Thus, Kotlin’s null safety feature has solved the issue.


It is the best aspect of Kotlin, as it acts as the Java alternative. You will find that the code of Kotlin and Java can be present in adjacent to each other. You will have a good compilation of all the things. In several Android app development processes, you can find the simultaneous activities of Kotlin and Java.

Easy to learn

While you have already gone through a course on Java, you will find it easy to learn Kotlin. Most of the setups of Kotlin are familiar to Java developers. Moreover, Kotlin is easily readable and highly intuitive. Although few codes can be different, you will be able to deal with it with no effort.

Cons of Kotlin

Kotlin users get help for Android studio. However, there is no backup from Google for Kotlin. As this is a new language, you will find a very small community. There is also a minimal number of tutorials for Kotlin users. Thus, as a new developer, you may find an issue while using Kotlin.

The Android App Development Company uses both the languages to create mobile applications for their clients. However, it is essential to how two languages differ from each other. While you have the interest to use new programming language, you may try out kotlin. You must make the right effort to be familiar with this language. You can take one month to learn this language.

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