School management software- Do all the activities in an organized way—-(MENTOR ERP)

Are you too much dependent on the paperwork to manage your school data? Then, you are wasting time and efforts regularly to accomplish your everyday tasks. To simplify your tasks and to save your time, Tekniko offers you the best school management software in Delhi,Noida

Manually written records may have lots of errors. Automate everything with our custom School Management Software in Mumbai/Lucknow. You are now able to access the data anytime from your device. We have developed the software, considering the needs of all academic institutes. That is why we have integrated every module, which is essential to a school management department.

Benefits Of Mentor ERP

One stop solution

School management software for all your school needs.

Data Security

Your school data is safe as only the school admins have access to all the school data on app dashboard.


Create a powerful technology oriented brand for your school.

Strong Reporting System

Easy to view/ download customized report like Daily Collection Report, Attendance Report, Exam Report Card.


Share Important Updates, News, Have One-to-One/Group communication with each Staff/Student

Accounts & Payment

From the monthly students’ fees to bank transaction- everything is related to finance. Our school account management module helps you in storing and managing the payment data and money deposit or withdrawal details.Parents can do online school fees payment through app. Amount will be directly credited to school’s bank account.

Class Routine/ Time Table

Create timetable for every class and section, and set the duration of lecture on app for students/parents to view online.


A student must try to attend all their classes throughout a year. Use our software to record the annual attendance
or absence percentage of every student.


To arrange every examination, your school remains busy. Our school ERP is intended to verify and manage the result, published for all classes and sections. You can publish the result in various formats, based on grades or
marks. You will also be able to create rules for the exams.

Transport Management

Our transport management tool helps in tracking the school vehicle name, transportation charge and the details of their route. Our application is also useful to ensure the students’ safety by identifying any emergency situation.

Get More With MENTOR ERP

24*7 Customer Care

You May share your query or feedback from anywhere any time through phone/email.

One Way/Two Way Communication

Student/Teachers can initiate a chat with friends/colleagues.Teachers/Schools can allow or block replies from students as per their convenience.

Light Application

Light App for schools/Students that consumes less data & works smoothly even on bandwidth Networks

Quick Registration

Registration takes less than a minute for this school app

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