• Min 1 year of experience in App development.
  • Understanding of Dart and Flutter libraries app development.
  • Having good understanding of Android and iOS component systems.
  • Have worked with at-least Java (Adroid) or Swift (iOS) application code.
  • Understanding of Social Platform, Google Maps, Analytics Integrations.
  • Knowledge of Push Notification & cloud based messaging.
  • Experience with JSON, XML, JavaScript, and interfacing applications to server side API’s.
  • Solid grasp of algorithms, memory management object oriented programming, MVC programming, and concurrent programming.
  • Extensive experience detecting and correcting memory usage issues, as well as optimizing code for application performance.
  • A solid understanding of mobile operating system fundamentals such as processes, inter-process communication, multi-threading primitives, race conditions and deadlocks.
  • Good knowledge of Git version control systems.
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