Install e-sales tracker and increase the sales of your ecommerce store

Is it challenging for you to get leads to your eCommerce store or business site? However, we think that converting the leads to customers is much tougher than it. Most of the business owners try to manage and track their everyday sales and know the conversion ratio. To process your leads and to have higher conversion rates, you can rely on our e-sales tracking system in Mumbai. At every step, our sales tracker will come to your help. Gain better and thorough insights to the sales procedure. As the best software development company, we offer you a customized application for your business.

Tailor your sales pitch

Have all the details on your clients’ needs, and modify your promotional pitch to have an interest of the potential customers and the present customers.

Get reports

Your daily sales reports are now easily manageable, and you will be able to allocate your budget on marketing in a better way. Thus, our e-sales tracking software in Delhi enables you in giving more attention to the sales process. Never think that your everyday sale is a game of guessing. We have realized this truth, and that’s why we are ready to develop an application, based on your eCommerce activities. You may speak to us to inform your sales technique and methodologies

Choose the right sales medium

Have a good idea on the chosen sales medium, and optimize the process of selling your products

Real time performance report

Are you presently using conventional sales software? To use it, you have to give much effort for tracking the data on your sales. The sales are entered manually. However, we create real-time system to help you in generating the performance report. By having a view at the statistical data, you will also have an increased confidence. By using Sales management Software in Mumbai/Delhi You can find out the number of deals or transactions that your customers have made with your business. We simplify the process of making multi- dimensional analysis of sales on the basis of category, customer, product, area and distributor. Create invoices and payment receipts with the use of our software.

Track sales representative-

By monitoring their activities all the time, you will be able to make them more productive.

Real-time order

Manage all the orders that your customers have placed in your digital store. Our software assists you in processing the eCommerce orders very simply. After getting the order, you will be able to assist your shippers to reach the products to the right destination within time. For our real-time technology, you can instantly have a view at the data that is put into the software. That is why you can easily take the steps to fulfill the customers’ orders and solve all the issues.


Real-Time Tracking

Authenticate your field force visits to their designated territories for better management and supervision. 


Business Automation

From Customer Management, Order Management, Payment Management, Asset Management to Finance, Tekniko Global offers plug and play modules to help automate your business.



Easy to  integrate with your ERP/CRM or other systems. With Tekniko unique integration platform, work seamlessly on the integrated platform.

Top Sales Management Software in Mumbai/Delhi

Sales Beat Optimization
Last Mile Delivery Optimization
Mobile Order Taking
Automate your invoicing and payment reminders

Time and again, supply routes enforced without appropriate planning of sales beat has not given proposed cost savings. Devising Sales routes manually, applying all the actual constraints and channel principles may not necessarily provide optimal routes. 

Optimal supply plans are generated from optimal call plans set up using Channel Clusters. This approach yields highly optimized supply routes. The routes are generated based on the available capacity and consolidated order data.

Process orders more accurately and efficiently, while having full visibility into each step of your workflow. Simplify the lives of your customer service and sales reps by putting information at their fingertips with powerful Excel-style searching. 

A cloud-based invoice management software automates all your invoicing and payment reminders. No more stress and messy paperwork. You will be able to plan and track your work, invoice on time and get paid each time!


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